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This course is an 4 hour class designed to give the experienced shooter as well as the novice student the necessary "How to" skills, techniques and proper mindset for safely carrying the handgun for self-defense.  The practical fundamentals of handgun concealment, access, retention, carry comfort and safety are covered as well as undesirable equipment and methods of carry that may compromise your self-defense.  Live fire training exercises are optional and range expenses would be added.  All text books and training materials with certificate of completion are provided. 


Training modules include:


Developing a personal protection plan

Handgun safety and ammunition basics

Shooting fundamentals for defensive accuracy

Legal use of force

Human limitations, violent encounters and their aftermath

Concealed carry gear and self-defense equipment

Briefings on self-directed and instructor-led shooting drills


Completion of this class will provide the student with a training certificate  for the Concealed Handgun Permit application. 



US Law Shield
Colorado Gun Law Seminar


This seminar is a three hour presentation of Colorado concealed carry and firearms law, taught by a practicing attorney and local law enforcement officers. This class will include a review of Colorado use of force case studies both justified and unjustified, legal definitions, and the “Make My Day Law” as well as Q&A opportunities with the officer and attorney.  The class will detail how there are only two outcomes to a defensive shooting: 

Complete justification or the loss of your freedom!

The seminar provides you the opportunity to ask an attorney all of the "What-IFs" you have wondered about, and give you a greater understanding and peace of mind about your abilities and responsibilities when carrying a concealed firearm and defending yourself, your family and your home. Your concealed handgun class gave you a basic overview of concealed carry law.  This seminar gives you the “Now What” answers should you ever have to use your handgun for self-defense!


This class is great for those who want to learn about concealed carry laws or have attended a concealed handgun permit class as well as gun owners who already have their concealed handgun permit. 

All training materials are provided and you can learn how you can obtain legal services should you ever need to use your gun...... even if no shots are fired!  

Don't Be Without a Legal Defense


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