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US Law Shield - Colorado Gun Law Seminar
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 Denver Metro - Evergreen/Bergan Park
A 3 Hour Seminar
Taught by Practicing Colorado Attorneys and
Local Law Enforcement Officers

Can I carry a loaded handgun in my car for self-defense?  Isn't my car an extension of my home?  As long as someone is in my home uninvited I can shoot if I am afraid for my life.....right?

Do you know the answers to these questions?

Every Gun Law Seminar features experienced program Colorado attorneys and law enforcement professionals who will explain basic firearms laws
every gun owner should know, such as the Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground and the Colorado Make My Day laws, how to interact with police, the law of Search and Seizure, gun owners’ liability under civil laws, and much more.   We allow ample time during the seminar to allow us to cover all the essentials while addressing your individual questions and concerns.

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